Join us to celebrate Ervin Laszlo's 90th birthday!

Jun 01, 2022 by Ervin Laszlo, in First blog

If you wish to give Ervin a gift for his birthday, why don't you go ahead and purchase any of his books for yourself or for a loved one?

Take a look at Ervin's author website which displays his most recent books and where to find them.

His latest book is titled 'The Upshift: The Path to Healing and Evolution on Planet Earth' now available as a book and ebook on Amazon store(soon as an audiobook as well). 

You can also join the Upshift Movement!

The Upshift Movement is a better-world-promoting initiative launched by Ervin Laszlo and the Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research. We invite you to join the Movement and to join the cause for a better world by pledging your commitment to wiser living on our home planet. As a conscious member of the human community, you are intellectually and morally disposed to find more peaceful and sustainable ways of living on this planet.

Listen to the Upshift Conversations with Ervin Laszlo & Friends on all podcast platforms for inspiration.