Dawn Podcast - Seasons Greetings!

Dec 22, 2022 by Ervin Laszlo, in First blog
WELCOME to the Dawn of an Era of Well-Being podcast annual holiday edition! 

Tis the season for well-being. And that’s precisely what Dawn of an Era of Well-Being podcast brings us throughout the year! 
Yet at this time of year-end festivity it can also feel like year-end sensitivities. So let’s focus on possibilities, and up-swing toward more invigorating living! Opportunities are burgeoning, perspectives are changing, and our multifaceted Humanity is awakening as the dance between challenge & opportunity finds its new rhythm, synchronicity. 

Whether you feel festive or reflective, frazzled or dazzled, we hope you’ll take comfort with our hosts Ervin Laszlo, Fred Tsao, and moderator Alison Goldwyn and our many exciting guests whetting our appetite with intriguing perspectives about how to evolve our human condition into a more loving disposition. 
No matter which episodes you tune in to, there will always be nuggets to enrich you, and remind you to remain attuned to … You. 
Dawn is breaking and we are celebrating … the passing of an old paradigm while ushering in the new.

Please remember to subscribe! Our next episode will publish on Tuesday, January 3, 2023 and upcoming guests include Eben Alexander, Neale Donald Walsch, Alberto Villoldo, Jean Houston, and Anneloes Smitsman. 

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