Tapping the Source: A Science and Spirituality Summit

Jul 10, 2022 by Ervin Laszlo, in First blog

Join us to uncover the wisdom around what is the source that makes up all of life, and how we can tap into this to transform our lives.

This event is one-part conversation, and one-part healing experience!

Join us live on July 16th to be a part of a powerful conversation on how our connection to source can change our lives!

July 16th | 12pm-5pm EST / 6pm-11pm CET

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All proceeds will go to charity

Humanity is at a tipping point. 

What we choose to do next will impact the future of this world on a global scale.

But this choice is not something that we can pass off onto other people…

Change—real change—begins right here, with us.

When we think about what it takes to “change the world”, it’s tempting to see it as something “bigger” than ourselves.

But the truth is, we change the world by changing ourselves.

What humanity needs right now isn’t more big ideas, big technology, or big innovations—what we need is more people waking up to the simple truth that we all have the ability to transform our own lives…

And it starts at the source.

Tapping the Source is a cutting-edge summit bringing together some of our world’s top leaders in the scientific and spirituality communities.

This is a not-for-profit event designed to support humanity in this make-or-break time.

Together, our speakers will share the truth behind

What is the source that makes up all of life and…
How we can tap into that energy to transform our lives.
You’ll learn from a diverse panel of scientific experts and spiritual masters who have all come to the same conclusion: that there is a source of all life – and every person has the ability to access that source to change reality.