The Great Upshift: Humanity’s Coming Advance Toward Peace and Harmony on the Planet

Oct 24, 2023 by Ervin Laszlo, in First blog

35 of the World’s Leading Thinkers Map Your Path Forward to a Bright Future

This vital book leads us beyond today’s crisis- and conflict-prone world to a higher stage of our evolution. We have reached a historic turning point – a “point of bifurcation” – at which we must find new ways to upshift our individual and collective consciousness to ensure the desired resolution of these crises.

Ervin Laszlo and David Lorimer, drawing on their holistic expertise and global network, have assembled a stellar cast of contributors who decode the big picture to offer exactly what we need now. The world-renowned scientists and visionaries who contribute to this book illuminate where we are today and where we can go from here. They focus on the most burning question of all: how can we upshift ourselves – our ways of healing, of thinking and feeling, and even of intuiting – to respond to the pressing requirements of our time?

Their visions empower us to “be the change” we want to see in the world – to help others be a positive and critical part of the great upshift that has already started. This will be our salvation. This compendium of insights into solutions for our world troubled by climate change, conflict, and unsustainable conditions calls for the conscious participation of all of us to implement the verities within.

Editorial reviews :

Within the pages of this luminous book lies the artful means for engendering the upshift of a new order for our time, our space, and our lives together. In reading these essays, you become empowered to bring forth the unread vision of the higher dream, as we close the door on the old ways that no longer serve.
– Jean Houston, PhD, philosopher, author of The Possible Human

The Great Upshift leads us beyond the casual speculation of what’s possible in our lives by revealing practical steps to awaken a heartfelt world based in love rather than a bleak future born of fear.
– Gregg Braden, bestselling author of The Divine Matrix and The Wisdom Codes

Light on Light Press is delighted to publish The Great Upshift because there is nothing more important right now than peace and harmony on the planet. This vital book addresses this greatest of needs in the broadest and most inclusive of ways, by addressing comprehensively how and in what specific ways our individual and collective consciousness can and must be upshifted to the level needed to ensure the desired outcome of the world’s ongoing crises. Ervin Laszlo and David Lorimer, drawing from their holistic expertise and global network, have assembled a stellar cast of contributors to decode the big picture, map our path forward, and offer exactly what is required to upshift our healing, our thinking, and our intuition to ensure a bright and beautiful future. This compendium of insights into solutions for a troubled world calls for the conscious participation of all of us to implement the verities herein.
We consider this book an essential guide with all the needed signposts for navigating our way through the process of global transformation currently spreading across the planet. We are extremely pleased to bring forth this watershed book when the world so needs it.
Source: from “Message from the Publisher”

Having authored more than 100 books, Ervin Laszlo’s two latest books from Light on Light Press – The Survival Imperative and The Great Upshift – offer an essential and particularly timely message for humanity today. He has been at the leading edge of systems thinking for over a half century bringing into the popular discourse concepts like planetary consciousness, which now has many derivatives, such as consciousness of oneness, or world citizenship, or unitive consciousness. All these terms are the signs of a transformation of consciousness that is quickening the pace of change in the world toward a realization of our inherent harmony, unity, and wholeness.
The lifelong work of Ervin Laszlo has contributed so much to our collective and evolving awareness of how tied together all things are and how critical it is to our survival and wellbeing to live in this consciousness, so we can be one thriving human family.
Source: from a General Statement

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