The Upshift: Meeting the Challenge

The way to build a better world
Published by Waterside

TO BE RELEASED in February 2022.

"Ervin Laszlo offers a road map for liberation from suffering that satisfies our deepest yearnings. It's scientific and spiritual at the same time." Deepak Chopra, MD

The pandemic made it clear that we are all in the same boat —we are one people with one destiny. It also made clear that our boat is leaking and in need of urgent repair. The international community is waking up to the need to carry out the repairs, but carrying them out in practice doesn’t depend on the declaration of leaders but on the will of of the people: of a critical mass of the people. It depends on you and I. Do we are undestand what is at stake, and what it is that we can—and therefore must—do about it? Realizing this decides whether we will shift up or let ourselves shift down. Because if we don’t shift up, we shall surely end up shifting down. 

Shifting up is feasible. This books makes clear what is involved, and how we can each contribute to building a world where all can live and thrive. A world where the sword of Damocles of deepening crises is lifted from above our head.

Join the movement for an Upshift. It is your life and your world that are at stake. 

THE UPSHIFT Meeting the the Challenge is a perfect blend of rock-solid science, spiritual philosophy and common sense woven into a practical guide to life in the post-pandemic world! - Gregg Braden, Author of The Wisdom Codes

Your book, right now here today, is THE MOST important book out there. It’s a blueprint.  It’s not necessarily easy being the change you want to see in the world — it takes some very conscious decisions. But your book is SO important for people today. I cannot thank you enough. 
Michael Sandler, Host of The Inspire Nation Show

FOREWORD by Gregg Braden

In the UpShift: Meeting the Challenge philosopher and system theorist Ervin Laszlo answers the question that’s on everyone’s mind—How do we build a better, post-pandemic world while honoring the most cherished values and achievements of our past? 

In seven easy-to-read chapters and an informative Annex, Laszlo 

1) identifies our once-in-a-civilizational opportunity to reimagine a healthy new world as we emerge from our global lockdown; 

2) zeroes in on the thinking that has led to the world crises we see in the world today; 

3) offers a blueprint for human evolution: for achieving our highest levels of individual and  collective creativity. 

The UpShift: Meeting the Challenge catapults us beyond casual speculation of what’s possible, to reveal the practical steps that we can take right now, to unveil and take in hand the collective destiny of humanity, and of our individual lives. 

Ten Commandments for Thriving in a World of Diversity

  1. Live in ways that enable other people to live as well: Meet your needs and pursue your objectives without detracting from the chances of other people to meet their needs and pursue their objectives.

  2. Live in ways that respect the right to life and to economic and cultural development of all people, wherever they live and whatever their ethnic origin, sex, citizenship, station in life, and belief system.

  3. Live in ways that safeguard the right to live in a viable environment of all the living things that inhabit the earth.

  4. Pursue happiness, freedom, and personal fulfillment in harmony with the integrity of nature and with consideration for the related pursuits of others around you.

  5. Require of political leaders that they relate to other peoples peacefully and in a spirit of cooperation, recognizing the legitimate aspirations for a better life and a healthy environment of all members of the human family.

  6. Require of business leaders that they accept responsibility not only for the owners and shareholders of their enterprise, but for all its stakeholders, demanding that they produce goods and offer services that satisfy legitimate demand without impairing nature and reducing the opportunities of local enterprises and poor economies to compete in the marketplace.

  7. Require public media to provide a constant stream of reliable information on basic trends and crucial processes to enable citizens and consumers to reach informed decisions on issues that affect their health, prosperity, and future.

  8. Make room in your life to help those less privileged than yourself to live a life of dignity, free from the struggles and humiliations of abject poverty.

  9. Work with like-minded people to preserve or restore the essential balances of the environment in as well.

  10. Encourage young people and open-minded people of all ages to evolve the spirit that could empower them to make ethical decisions on issues that decide their own future and the future of their family, partners, and children.

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