Dawn of an Era of Well-Being: The Podcast with Howard Martin (HeartMath)

Jan 18, 2022 by Ervin Laszlo, in First blog

Howard Martin
 is one of the original leaders who helped found HeartMath in 1991. A key spokesperson for the HeartMath Companies, Howard Martin is deeply passionate about the topics he presents. Through his talks Howard illuminates the intelligence of the heart, describing how we can access it to create positive and sustainable change.

His presentations provide a unique clarity and sense of ease about the evolutionary changes many are experiencing personally, collectively and socially. Howard shows us how we can actively participate in the creation of our individual and collective future. He is a co-author of the highly acclaimed book The HeartMath Solution and contributing author of Heart Intelligence. Most recently, Howard helped to co-create The HeartMath Experience, a new online video program introduced by HeartMath in January 2020.


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