The Laszlo Upshift Festival

Jan 18, 2022 by Ervin Laszlo, in First blog

During the Upshift Festival...

We will connect online to celebrate the book launch of Ervin Laszlo.

  • Dialogues between the author and the hosts
  • Reading excerpts from the book
  • Live Q&A with the audience
  • And special guest appearances!

A new trailer for the PBS documentary about Dr Laszlo’s life will be shown as well as snippets from the new 'Upshift Podcast series' by the Shift Network.

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In the new book titled The Upshift: Responsible Living on Planet Earthwritten by philosopher and system theorist Dr Ervin Laszlo, who answers the question that’s on everyone’s mind: 

How do we build a better, post-pandemic world while honoring the most cherished values and achievements of our past?
To be released on 22nd February 2022.

The pandemic made it clear that we are all in the same boat —we are one people with one destiny. It also made clear that our boat is leaking and in need of urgent repair. The international community is waking up to the need to carry out the repairs, but carrying them out in practice doesn’t depend on the declaration of leaders but on the will of of the people: of a critical mass of the people. It depends on you and I. Do we are undestand what is at stake, and what it is that we can—and therefore must—do about it? Realizing this decides whether we will shift up or let ourselves shift down. Because if we don’t shift up, we shall surely end up shifting down.

Shifting up is feasible. This books makes clear what is involved, and how we can each contribute to building a world where all can live and thrive. A world where the sword of Damocles of deepening crises is lifted from above our head.

Join the movement for an Upshift. It is your life and your world that are at stake