Dawn of an Era of Well-Being: The Podcast with Michael Tobias

Jan 04, 2022 by Ervin Laszlo, in First blog

Michael Charles Tobias. Ecologist, author, filmmaker, historian, explorer, anthropologist, educator and non-violence activist. His work encompasses ecological anthropology and aesthetics, the history of ideas, environmental psychology, comparative literature, philosophy and ethics, global biodiversity field research, systematics, deep demography, animal rights and animal liberation.

Tobias is the author of over 45 published books -non-fiction, fiction, radical hybrids, plays, poetry, librettos – and the writer, director, producer and/or executive producer of well over 125 films, focusing primarily on ecological and humanitarian issues, both documentary and some drama and docu-drama. Tobias’ field-research has taken him to well over 80 countries, and from regions like Antarctica, to many of the world’s deserts, temperate zones, tropics and Boreal forests. For many years Tobias has been the President of the Dancing Star Foundation which works assiduously throughout the world in areas of biodiversity conservation, animal rights and environmental education.



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